ALM preserves objects of historical significance belonging to or associated with individuals who contributed to the American Experience.  ALM strives to make history relevant and relatable to today's audience by focusing on researching individuals and offering their stories.

ALM has a wide collection of artifacts available for use in public displays at museums and libraries.  ALM is also available to present educational programs at schools and community events in the local area.

ALM is recording oral histories of veterans.  ALM is broadening this program and would like to partner with more individuals and groups serious about collecting oral histories.  

ALM is accepting oral histories from individuals in video or written form!  Monetary donations help us preserve and archive our collections.  ALM is also accepting donations of historic objects to grow our collections.


American Legacy Museum (ALM) is a privately run museum and archive collection, nonprofit and nonpolitical, based in Southern California. 

ALM is founded on the principles of Preservation, Education, Storytelling and Community. ALM endeavors to preserve the memories and artifacts from the years 1900-1980 in America.

American Legacy Museum, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization EIN 47-2256771



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